Reconnective Healing sessions are individual sessions in which the practitioner facilitates a return to:

  • an optimal state of balance,

  • an optimal state of health and evolution.

During a Reconnective Healing session, the practitioner is:

  • accessing a spectrum of energy, light and information known as Reconnective Healing frequencies

  • an interaction occurs between your energy, the practitioner’s, and this Supernatural Intelligence.

  • a 3-way merging or a connection of energy occurs.

  • the practitioner acts like an antenna, tuning in the frequencies so that you can resonate with these frequencies.

  • the practitioner is holding open a door so that Universal energy can flow to you, be received by you opening up your innate potential for health and balance, whatever that looks like for you..

This is so simple yet so powerful.  A practitioner is merely the conduit and observer. You don't have to 'believe', you only have to allow.

If you are ready for a life change, I'm here for you!