I hope the story of the journey I have been on with my mother Jeanne over the last 3 years will be interesting and illuminate the problems we face in aging and how the Reconnect To Health plan I offer has benefited her, even though she is in her 80’s, and how it can benefit you also.  The 3 components of my Reconnect To Health plan are:

  1.  Reconnective Healing - connecting you to light, energy & information

  2.  Food & Nutrition -  building your body, bones, and brain with healthy foods & supplements, producing cognitive success

  3.  Movement - Tai Chi a martial arts form (3 exercises that will change the way you move!)


This plan can benefit you exponentially if you start earlier in life to hopefully reduce or mitigate the effects of the aging process. It is not too late to play the Let’s Get Healthy game no matter what your age!

My mother used to be fairly active in the 1990’s going to Bally’s Fitness center on a regular basis in addition to walking her dog. On September 11th, 2001 that changed with a car accident she was in that broke her foot from a driver that ignored a stop sign. She recovered as time went on and would walk her dog but she never went back to Bally’s Fitness again. Then in August of 2012 she was wearing slippers going downstairs to her basement and she fell breaking an ankle and sprained the other one. It could have been a lot worse. She was in the hospital and then a recovery room for 2 weeks until released. She recuperated and was able to drive again. At that point any slippers were removed from her closet to reduce the chance of another fall. Then she was standing in the laundry room in January of 2014 and she either slipped and fell or her femur gave out (from osteoporosis) and she fell which resulted in a visit to the emergency room with a 2 week hospital stay and a metal rod to strengthen her femur. She spent another 4-6 weeks in a nursing home to go through physical therapy to walk again. After this fall she never walked normally again and has been unsteady ever since. If she goes out of the house she always uses the walker, and that is mainly for doctor’s appointments. She had a few more falls, non serious but a couple more hospital visits and recovery periods in nursing homes with rehab, at which point I moved in to help with her everyday activities. As time went on she spent most of her time in bed and didn’t move around the house that much. We got an adjustable base bed so she could sit up to watch TV and eat in bed also.

About late 2015 I started making protein fruit smoothies for her filled with super foods and essential fatty acids to help her body with more nutrition. In January 2017 she was diagnosed with degenerative disks at L1 & 2 and T1 after she went to Mayfield Spine Clinic because of pain in her back and diagnosed with osteoporosis. She was put on pain pills twice a day. Based on my years of research I selected the Youngevity 90 for Life program for her with 90 essential nutrients plus a few months later added a Glucosamine sulfate pill for additional support for strong bones and healthy joints. In May she was prescribed a medication, Forteo, that I would inject daily for building bone mass. Luckily she had good insurance and the co-pay was minimal. The monthly prescription is very expensive. Through further research I learned osteoporosis affects women and especially women who have had children much more than men. A supplement plan started in her 40’s or 50’s would have helped her out immensely and possibly averted pain, anguish, hospital and nursing home visits costing $60,000 to $100,000 or more (covered by insurance and medicare) plus quality of life of being able to walk normally and getting out of the house more than just going to doctor visits.

In June of 2017 I went to a seminar in Detroit Michigan to get certified in Reconnective Healing for the purpose of helping my mother with her recovery process and eventually others as time went on. I left for Detroit Friday morning and then got home about 12:30am Monday morning and found my mother out on the sofa and in pain unable to sleep and almost frantic. I proceeded to get her to do some deep breathing as a form of meditation and then proceeded to perform a Reconnective Healing session for her and after 15-20 minutes she fell asleep. Up until this point in time she would take her own medications which where about 9-10 a day and I had printed a check list that she would check off her morning and evening pills. That next day we discovered a baggie in her nightstand with all her previous pills from the past 3 days. This was the first big sign of my mother’s oncoming dementia and memory problems and at that point I began giving her pills to her to make sure they were taken. Over the next several months I performed several more Reconnective Healing sessions for her. Within 2-3 weeks of her initial session we were able to take her off the pain pills and except for an occasional Tylenol and she doesn’t have the kind of intense pain she had and never took another pain pill since. My mother would get books from the library and read every day but later that summer and fall she slowly read less until we would get books and she would not read them at all. This was a further sign of her declining mental capacity and we eventually schedule an evaluation at the Christ Hospital Geriatric center where she was evaluated and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.     


While all this was going on I utilized the FMLA and reduced my hours at work to provide care for her and to get her out of bed and going for walks with her walker outside or if the weather wasn’t nice to walk around the house for exercise. Her physical therapist taught her exercises to increase her leg strength. I would show her some basic tai chi exercises but the real benefit is learning the whole form in order to increase your balance and build leg strength to protect yourself from that most dangerous assailant as we age. Falls!

As her memory has been fading and alertness less than in the past I started giving her some Lion’s Mane mushrooms (see 2 videos on this) for a year and she had been on a memory medication for over 4 years but her cognitive skills were still declining about in August of 2018 she was evaluated by a speech therapist to see if she could benefit from their services. She only passed 4 out of 30 cognitive tests and would not be in good enough condition to benefit from their services. At that point I explored more information from Dr. Joel Wallach on possible Youngevity essential nutrient supplements and added about a protocol of 8 more supplements geared towards the brain and circulation to see what benefits they may offer. After a few weeks of this protocol she is getting out of bed more and sitting in the family room almost daily and at the kitchen table, which she hasn’t done in 2 years. I am hopeful that there will be more cognitive improvements but only time will tell.