Allopathic Medical Model Limitations

“While doctors are forced to spend hundreds of hours studying the names and actions of all kinds of man-made drugs, they are lucky if they receive even a portion of a single course on basic nutrition. Many have none at all. The result is that the average doctor’s wife or secretary knows more about practical nutrition than he does.”


(He Who Pays The Piper – Creation of the Modern Medical (drug) Establishment; G. Edward Griffin)

Ty Bollinger interview of G. Edward Griffin How Big Pharma Controls Medical Schools

Most of us are not sick enough to be in a hospital, and by far the majority of people who visit their doctor, do so for ongoing chronic problems like diabetes, heart disease and obesity - or less-defined ailments like joint pains, back pains, fatigue and headaches. Western medicine’s solutions to these problems are drugs and surgery.

But apart from antibiotics, which can kill the bug causing the problem, most drugs treat symptoms and not causes. Similarly, surgery usually addresses the symptoms and not the causes.

The tragedy is that most of the chronic problems that most people endure can so often be cured with diet, lifestyle and behavior changes and supplements.